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Past conferences

Fall 2023 Hybrid Conference – October 18-21
Conference Announcement
Exploring the Conference Theme
Conference Program
Special Issue of CCNews
CAPSE/TED Meeting PowerPoint (download, 7MB)
CAPSE/TED Meeting – William Patrick PowerPoint (download, 666K)
Opening Session Welcome (download, 18.8MB)
The Movements for Ethnic Studies in K-12 California Schools: Tensions, Possibilities, and Lessons for Transforming Teacher Education, Keynote by Miguel Zavala, Ph.D.
Updates from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (download, 11.4MB)
Exemplars of K-12 Ethnic Studies Implementation
Second Policy Session (download, 209K)
Ethnic Studies Pedagogy Panel and Showcase (download, 63K)
When Enthusiasm Leads Capacity: Disciplinary Identity, Racial Narratives, & Professional Growth in the Context of Ethnic Studies Pedagogy, Presentation by Michael Domínguez, Associate Professor, San Diego State University (download, 18.6MB)
Ethnic Studies Oral History Editorial Collective, Presentation by Jesse Mills, Ph.D., University of San Diego (download 1.3MB)
CCTE Fall 2023 Research Monograph

Spring 2023 SPAN Hybrid Conference – March 13-14
Preview of SPAN 2023
SPAN 2023 Program
“Making Teaching Possible for BIPOC Candidates” – California Coalition for Educator Diversity
“Addressing Implicit Bias in Teacher Education” – Cindy Collado, Jaci Urbani, Belle Manalo, & Naomi Gonzales
“Beyond Just-Policy Transition: Practitioner Experiences in the Conceptual and Practical Transition to the New California BILA and BPTEs” – Sharon Merritt, Clara Amador-Lankster, & Eduardo Munoz-Munoz
“Removing RICA Roadblocks: Supporting Success for Pre-Service Teachers” – Mary K. Requa & Jill Yoachim
“Early Childhood Teaching Credential Programs: Lessons from Four States” – Abby Schachner & Victoria Wang
“Collaborative Case Inquiry (CCI): Promising Model for Preservice Teacher and Teacher Supervisor Learning and Development” – Johnnie Wilson, Jennifer Hinz, & Soleste Hilberg

Fall 2022 Hybrid Conference – October 20-22
Fall 2022 Conference announcement
Special Issue of CCNews Previewing the Research Presentations Scheduled for the CCTEFall 2022 Conference
CCTE Fall 2022 Conference Program
Research Sessions
Keynote by Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade
Getting to Know the People of CCTE
Keynote by Lorena Germán
Conference Introduction
CTC Thursday Morning Presentation
CTC Thursday Afternoon Presentation
Hagiwara Presentation
Saturday Ethnic Studies Introduction
Saturday Presentation by James Fabionar
Looking Ahead to SPAN 2023

Spring 2022 SPAN Hybrid Conference – March 7-8
Preview of SPAN 2022
Announcement of CCTE Spring 2022 SPAN Conference
Tentative Program
CTC PowerPoint from CAPSE/TED meeting
PD4MT Meeting Slideshow

Fall 2021 Hybrid Conference – October 21-23
Fall 2021 CCTE Conference Program
Alfredo Artiles Keynote PowerPoint 
CTC PowerPoint from Joint Meeting
CTC PowerPoint from First Policy Session
Suzanne Stolz PowerPoint on Reconceptualizing Disability

Spring 2021 SPAN Virtual Conference – March 4-5
CCTE Spring 2021 Research Monograph
CCTE Policy Priorities
Rising from the Pandemic
How a Year of COVID-19 Prepares Us for the Future

Fall 2020 Virtual Conference – October 22-24
“The Future of Teacher Education”
GoReact Platform Information
Links for Fall 2020 Program

Spring 2020 SPAN Virtual Conference – March 19-20
Due to the coronavirus pandemic the CCTE Spring 2020 SPAN Conference scheduled for March 19-20 in Sacramento was cancelled. It was replaced by a series of virtual programs which were presented live via Zoom on March 19 and 20 and recorded for further viewing by any interested persons or groups. Below are the links to each recording:
Virtual SPAN on March 19 – Opening Session(s), Accreditation and Practice Policy, and Closing
Virtual SPAN podcast (audio only)
Virtual SPAN Chat Transcript
Special Education SIG Meeting on March 19
CAPSE/TED Meeting on March 20
AICCU-ED Meeting from March 20
Chat Transcript from AICCU-ED Meeting on March 20
CTC PowerPoint Presentation from AICCU-ED Meeting on March 20
A PDF publication of the research presentations that had to be cancelled

Fall 2019 Conference – October 17-19
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Integrating Social Emotional Learning and Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching Practices into Teacher Education”
Keynote Speakers
Tentative Program

Spring 2019 SPAN Conference – March 21-22
The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento
Theme: Spring Policy Action Network

Fall 2018 Conference – October 18-20
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Changemaking and Teacher Education”
Keynote Speakers

Spring 2018 Conference – March 8-9
The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento
“SPAN: Spring Policy Action Network”

Fall 2017 Conference – October 19-21
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Social Justice and Equity: Having a Meaningful Dialogue to Inspire Action”
California Council on Teacher Education Resources
ACLU – Know Your Rights With Border Patrol
Immigration and Students – Know Your Rights
Inmigración Y Estudiantes – Conozca Sus Derechos
What To Do If You’re Stopped By Police, Immigration Agents or the FBI

Spring 2017 Conference – March 30-31
The Citizen Hotel, Sacramento
“SPAN: Spring Policy Action Network.”
Research Sessions

Fall 2016 Conference – October 20-22
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Together We Work Better: Partnerships in Teacher Education.”
Keynote Speaker

Spring 2016 Conference – March 30-April 2
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Shared Goals, Shared Dreams: Teaching Students with Disabilities”
Spring 2016 Concurrent and Poster Sessions

Fall 2015 Conference – October 22-24
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Joyful Teaching: Enacting Ambitious Pedagogies in Regulated Eras”
Fall 2015 Concurrent and Poster Sessions

Spring 2015 Conference – March 19-21
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose, California
“CCTE at 70: Exploring and Celebrating Our CCET/CCTE History in Order to Inform, Strengthen, & Embolden Our Future”
Conference Announcement
Description of March 18 Institute
Program for Saturday Institute

Fall 2014 Conference – October 23-25
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Transforming Teacher Education through the Arts”
Conference Announcement
Research & Practice Sessions at Fall 2014 Conference
Special Interest Groups Meeting at Fall 2014 Conference
Saturday Institutes at Fall 2014 Conference
Pre-Conference Field Trip
Resources Related to Fall 2014 Conference Theme

Spring 2014 Conference – March 27-29
Saint Claire Hotel, San Jose, California
“New Teaching and Learning Spaces.”
Saturday institute on online learning
Saturday institute on social-emotional learning

Fall 2013 Conference • October 24-25
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Regenerating the Field: Our Future Scholars, Practitioners, and Partners”
Fall 2013 Conference Preview
Fall 2013 Teacher Educator Institute
Fall 2013 Common Core Institute
Being and becoming a mentor (Bullough, 2005)
Quality teacher educators = quality teachers? Conceptualizing essential domains of knowledge for those who teach teachers (Goodwin and Kosnik, 2013)
Shaping new models for teacher education (Rust, 2010)
The Changing Face of Teacher Education (Rust, 2001)

Spring 2013 Conference • April 11-13
“Teacher Leaders.”
Keynote Address – Ann Lieberman
PDF | PowerPoint
Friday – World Cafe
Teacher Leaders | What’s the Hope
Saturday – Workshop on Grant Writing
“Making Practice Public: Teacher Learning in the 21st Century” by Ann Lieberman & Desiree Pointer Mace
“Teacher Leadership: What Do We Know So Far?” by Ann Lieberman
“Teacher, Learner, Leader: Joining Practice, Policy & Research” by Ann Lieberman
“Greatness by Design Report” from California Department of Education
“Teacher Leader Model Standards” from the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium
“Teacher Leadership as a Key to Education Innovation” from the National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality

Fall 2012 Conference • October 11-13
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Clinical Practice in Teacher Education in the 21st Century”
Conference Description
Articles by Thursday Keynoter Kenneth Zeichner:
Assessing State and Federal Policies to Evaluate the Quality of Teacher Education Programs
Competition, economic rationalization, increased surveillance, and attacks on diversity: Neo-liberalism and the transformation of teacher education in the U.S.
Democratizing Knowledge in University Teacher Education Through Practice-Based Methods Teaching and Mediated Field Experience in Schools and Communities
The Importance of Strong Clinical Preparation for Teachers
Rethinking the Connections Between Campus Courses and Field Experiences In College- and University-Based Teacher Education
The Turn Once Again Toward Practice-Based Teacher Education
Two Visions of Teaching and Teacher Education for the Twenty-First Century
Articles by Friday Keynoter Etta Hollins
Teacher Preparation for Quality Teaching
Five Models of Clinical Practice Will Be Featured at the Fall 2012 Conference:
Professional Development School Model
SCPDS: What are Professional Development Schools?
Residency Model
Urban Teacher Residency Program: The Development of a Clinically-Rich Teacher Preparation Program
Fresno Pacific University: Single Subject Student Teaching Model for Partnership Schools
Research Model
The UCSC Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Credential Program
On-Line Model
CalStateTEACH: California State University Teacher Preparation Program
University of Phoenix Master of Arts in Education (MAED)/Teacher Education (MS/SS)
Alternative Model
The Reach Institute for School Leadership  – Intern Teacher Credential Program

Spring 2012 Conference • March 29-31
Saint Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Race, Student Engagement, and Schooling Practices”

Fall 2011 Conference • October 13-15
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Reconnecting Student Voice with Teacher Education in a Globalized Society”

Spring 2011 Conference • March 24–26
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Closing the Opportunity Gap: How Context Matters for Teaching and Learning”

Fall 2010 Conference • October 14-October 16
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Teacher Education in Challenging Times: Initiating Leadership to Inform Policy and Create Opportunities”

Spring 2010 Conference • March 25–27
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
Technological Knowledge, Equity, & Access: Teacher as Learner, Learner as Teacher

Fall 2009 Conference • October 15-October 17, 2009
Kona Kai Resort. San Diego
“21st Century Schools of Education: Responding to a Changing World”
“The Marginalization of Teacher Education” banquet presentation by Alan H. Jones

Spring 2009 Conference • March 26–28 
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Teaching and Learning: Past, Present and Future”

Fall 2008 Conference • October 16–18 
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Internationalization of Teacher Education: Creating Global Competent Teachers and Teacher Educators for the 21st Century”

Spring 2008 Conference • March 6–8
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Got Accreditation?”

Fall 2007 Conference • October 18–20
Kona Kai Resort, San Diego
“Assessment in the Service of Learning”

Spring 2007 Conference • March 29–31
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“The Growing Nexus between Education and the Private Sector: Implications for Teacher Preparation and Development”

Fall 2006 Conference • October 19–21
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina, San Diego
“Educating All Students for the Future: Strengthening the Special Education/General Education Partnership”

Spring 2006 Conference • March 30–April 1
Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Promoting Socially-Just Educational Policies and Legislation”

Fall 2005 Conference • October 20–22
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina, San Diego
“Teacher Education Alliances for Children: Getting Beyond Us and Them”

Spring 2005 Conference • March 31–April 2
Hyatt Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Artful Teaching in Testy Times”

Fall 2004 Conference • October 7–9
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina, San Diego
“Intended and Unintended Consequences of Legislative Action for All Learners”

Spring 2004 Conference • April 1–3
Hyatt Sainte Claire Hotel, San Jose
“Furthering Social Justice through Teacher Education Policy and Practice”