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Communications Committee

Communications Committee Co-Chairs

Betina Hsieh
University of La Verne

Sarah Johnson
Fresno Pacific University

Send the chairs an email message with your questions.


  1. Raise CCTE’s profile as a resource and agent for change—CCTE exists to continually advance quality education by improving the preparation and in-service education of teachers & administrators.
  2. Develop and implement plan for communicating CCTE brand, key messages and “our stories” via electronic presence and various products.
  3. Ensure ongoing recruitment of committee members.

Key assignments

  1. Ensure our communication is tailored to our key audiences: CCTE members, policy makers, prospective members and outsiders.
  2. Strengthen our electronic presence.
    • Ensure that our CCTE website continually adds value by providing current information and links to valuable resources in the field.
    • Determine process to ensure the website is continually updated.  Either explore hiring a social media position to keep media platforms updated or clarify a process by which all Committee Chairs, SIG chairs and others will provide timely postings, e.g., monthly blog entries, current updates, etc.
    • Utilize website and other electronic tools (e.g., Facebook) to generate anticipation of our conferences.
  3. Further develop and advance our brand.
    • CCTE is a resource for hope, encouragement and support.
    • Identify and create appropriate venues to communicate our “talking points”.