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PD4MT Committee

Committee Co-Chairs

Virginia Kennedy
California State University, Northridge

Melissa Meetze-Hall
Riverside County Office of Education

PD4MT Spring 2022 Meeting Slideshow


Membership of the committee represents the:

  • CCTE Board
  • AICCU-ED Board
  • CABTE Board 
  • CAPSE Board 
  • UC Faculty
  • CSU Faculty
  • Faculty from Private/Independent Colleges and Universities
  • Induction coordinators/district representatives
  • University Supervisors

The optimum size of the committee would be no more than 10-15.


Promote quality clinical practice experience through on-line professional development for mentor teachers that impacts instructional quality and student learning.


  1. Chair or Co-Chair Commitments. The committee will be led by two co-chairs (or one chair) who are appointed by the CCTE President and report to the CCTE Board. Their commitments are to:
    • Convene three meetings of the committee each year
    • Attend CCTE Board meetings and complete reports for CCTE, including articles for the CCTE Newsletter and updated information on the committee page of the CCTE website.
    • Facilitate an event for subscribers and others who are interested at each fall CCTE conference and each Spring CCTE SPAN conference.
  2. Other Committee leaders will serve as follows:
    • One will monitor communications with subscribers of the courses, setting up courses, providing guidance and answering questions.
    • Another will explore and facilitate research from the survey mentor teachers complete as part of the course module. This data will be shared with the Committee and individual programs.

Contact Information

Please contact the Committee and/or the Co-Chairs by e-mail at

Please click on this link Membership to join PD4MT as an institutional member.