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Executive Committee

Committee Chair

Eric Engdahl
California State University, East Bay

Send the chair an email message with your questions.


  1. Provide leadership and oversight towards achieving organization priorities and objectives.
  2. Provide oversight regarding budget.
  3. Develop a business plan.

Assignments (identified by the full planning group)

  1. Secure non-profit status to enable fund development. CCTE does have 501c3 non-profit status.
  2. Educator Preparation Framework. Clarify process to develop CCTE Educator Framework.
    • The plan should include: purpose, desired outcomes and process for development.
    • The development process should include integration of the thoughts generated by the June 2012 Planning Retreat (see Appendix) and a process for inviting membership input.
  3. Research Committee. President to converse about expectations of the Research Committee.
    • Clarify Research Committee charge.
    • Consider expansion of charge to include the development of an analysis or report regarding submissions. What can we learn from the submissions, e.g., current topics, researchers, trends, big questions, etc. (in essence, a trend analysis)?
    • Determine plan to expand membership of the Research Committee.
    • Research Committee provides input into the Newsletter.