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Welcome to CCTE

Here you will find information about our organization, our priorities, and our meetings. As the largest and most comprehensive forum for educator preparation in our state, the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) represents nearly every program in California, and is proud to include members from across the entire learning-to-teach continuum.

Look to CCTE for:

  • professional networking and partnership-building. At our biannual conferences you’ll find deans, professors, K-12 teachers and teacher associations, BTSA leaders, CTC consultants, and district administrators. We are large enough to draw a varied state-wide constituency, yet small enough that you’ll find colleagues, renew connections, and get your work done.
  • information on state-wide policy initiatives. During the Policy Sessions at each conference, you will get updates from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and will hear from a policy advocate or legislator. Our priority is to be an active voice in the state, advocating for all aspects of educator preparation.
  • growing-edge research and best practices, at conferences and also through our publications. Our organization promotes a highly professional conversation around educator preparation, and gives opportunities for multiple perspectives to be heard and engaged.
  • your two affiliated organizations – AACTE and ATE – and your several associated organizations – AICCU-ED, CAIS, CABTE, CAPSE, SCPDS, CASUP, and CRTWC.

Finally, look to CCTE for a friendly and dedicated professional environment where you’ll find like minds, an energetic and approachable group of colleagues, and plenty of opportunities to get involved and to have an impact on educator preparation in the state.

Betina Hsieh (2022-24)
CCTE President 

Karen Escalante (2022-24)

Kimberly White-Smith (2020-23)

Michael Cosenza (2020-23)

Eric Engdahl (2022-24)


Grace Cho (2020-23)

Kara Ireland-D’Ambrosio (2022-25)

Sarah Johnson (2020-23)

Antoinette Linton (2022-25)

Kimiya Maghzi (2022-23)

Shadi Roshandel (2021-24)

Terrelle Sales (2021-24)

Daniel Soodjinda (2022-25)

Ivannia Soto (2021-24)