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On-Line Portal for Individual Donations

An Appeal to CCTE Members, Delegates, and Friends

The California Council on Teacher Education is requesting your financial assistance to helpassure that the organization is able to maintain its usual level of activity and service throughout the current academic year. This appeal is being made because ongoing increases in hotel costs at both our Spring 2023 SPAN Conference and our Fall 2023 Fall Conference exceeded our budgeted expectations, leaving us with an unpaid balance due as well as insufficient funds to support our usual activities from now until our next membership renewal cycle in June of 2024.

We hope that voluntary contributions from our members and friends will allow us to meet current and ongoing needs this year while we recalibrate our budget planning in line with current conference costs so as to assure that next year’s budget is appropriately balanced.

We invite you to use the form below to make whatever contribution you are able (either by a check through the mail, or on-line using the “donation” portal on the CCTE website). Thank you in advance for your support of CCTE.